Another dose of creative and useful plugins. Catch them! :)

1.Effect Ideas for Image Grids

inspiration for image grids with some smooth animations on the opening grid item.

2.Calorie Counter

really cool and flat UI for a calorie counter with transition and number loader.

3.Zoom Slider

simple content slider with bouncy animation and a cool zoom functionality for a predefined area in each slide and a really soft transition.

4.Form sign in/sign up

responsive flat user form, with smooth hover effects and some line menu transition.

5.Confirmation Popup

simple responsive confirmation dialog box, with smooth top transition.

6.Terminal window with code

super useful flat responsive terminal window for your website :)

7.Inspiration for Line Menu Styles

nice creative ideas for menu styles and effects with line transition and animation as a design element.

8.Product Card

clean product card with some price animation and a bouncy back effect.

9.Elastic Circle Slideshow

incredible responsive slideshow with circular slides and an elastic, bouncy navigation effect, with an expanding background effect.

10.Netflix Sign In Concept

nice background netflix video effect, and a soft login form animation.

For today that’s all. Remember to visit our blog next week for more useful resources. If you cannot wait until Wednesday, read our next article about 10 Best Websites on Monday. Hasta pronto!